Seismo-at-School in Nepal

Earthquake Awareness Song released

With the aim of reaching all age groups of people in Nepal to raise their earthquake awareness and to prepare them for future earthquakes, we have prepared an Earthquake Awareness Song. Program Director Prof. György Hetényi developed the idea and then the song was written and composed by Shiba Subedi, Pashupati Sharma, and Devi Gharti, with a larger team performing the video clip. The song is in Nepali with English subtitles, so everyone can follow.

In parallel, we are running a fundraising campaign. If you think it is worth supporting the development of the Seismology at School in Nepal program, please visit the crowdfunding campaign site.

Some news published about the song in the national newspapers are linked below:

  1. Radio Nepal (news link)
  2. (news link)
  3. (news link)
  4. (news link)
  5. (news link)
  6. (news link)
  7. (news link)
  8. (news link)
  9. (news link)

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