Seismo-at-School in Nepal

ML 5.0 earthquake strikes in Central Nepal

An earthquake in Kaski district, Central Nepal, near the city of Pokhara occurred on Sunday at 15:00 UTC according to National Seismological Center (NSC), Kathmandu. It happened in the late evening at 20:45 local time.

Following the analysis at NSC, the magnitude of this event is 5.0 in local scale (ML), to which fits exactly our calibrated magnitude estimate computed using the data from Nepal School Seismology Network (NSSN). The United States Geological Survey reported a body-wae magnitude mb of 4.3, and origin time at 15:00:16 UTC for this earthquake.

The shaking was felt in neighbor districts including Beni. It is reported that people were on the street just after the tremor, but no reports of injuries or damage to property as a result of the quake is notified to our knowledge and until now.

Waveforms and corresponding station-wise Shakemap are shared below.

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