Seismo-at-School in Nepal

The Project

The Seismology-at-School in Nepal project works directly with schools in Nepal. It is based on two pillars: Education and Seismology.

For the Educational aspect, the main goal is to make people more familiar with Earth Sciences, and thereby increase people’s awareness about earthquakes.

For the Seismological aspect, the main goal is to gather real-time shaking information from various places in Nepal.

To this end, the project installs low-cost seismometers in Nepali schools. These will be used as tools to teach students, through whom the entire society can be reached. The seismological data recorded by the school network will be used to detect and confirm earthquakes, and to create shaking maps for significant events.

On the long term, the project seeks that the example spreads to many schools across Nepal, and that the data can be used as a form of crowdsourcing. The collected data is available for everyone, therefore scientific studies can also be done.