Seismo-at-School in Nepal

Pokhara Workshop: a big success !

We have successfully organized the 3rd International Workshop on Educational Seismology on 1 – 3 May in Pokhara. The workshop is mainly supported by European Geosciences Union.

There were 49 teacher participants in total, of which most teachers are mainly science, computer science, and social subject teachers, as well as school principals. The workshop topics covered a broad spectrum of topics such as seismic hazards in Nepal, Sismobox demonstration, an Earthquake evacuation procedure guide, earthquake location tutorials, and an educational card game “Beat the Quake”.

All presentations were well received, and Nepali clarifications and translations have been ensured where necessary. What has clearly gone well beyond our expectations was the Open Question session. All speakers sat in front of the audience, and we received literally any type of question about the Earth, Earth Sciences, earthquakes, and much more, leading great discussions.

Selected photos and documents from the workshop are available in the download section.


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