Seismo-at-School in Nepal

3rd International Workshop on Educational Seismology

We are organizing the 3rd International Workshop on Educational Seismology as part of the ‘Seismology-at-School in Nepal’ program for earthquake education in Nepal.

Format of the workshop

In-person presentations, demonstrations, questions and answers, and workshops.


The three-day workshop on educational seismology for teachers in Pokhara is the main connecting event between earthquake and education specialists, and teachers of schools across the region of western Nepal. The goal of the workshop is to explain our educational aims, to show and practice the learning material, to demonstrate and assemble the SISMO-BOXES: do it yourself, to demonstrate the use of a low-cost seismometer, and to answer any question that may arise from the teachers. In particular, we aim to describe the causes and effects of Himalayan earthquakes, plate tectonics and geological history, discuss about the ways for better preparedness for earthquakes, to provide hands-on training on inexpensive seismometers, to teach tasks to follow before, during, and after an earthquake, and to perform earthquake evacuation drill exercises. These activities are crucial to make Nepali communities earthquake-safer, as the students in the region will transfer the knowledge to their environment as well. Furthermore, representatives from the local authorities, who are first responsible for rescue in case of an earthquake and the local government, who is responsible for adapting the school curriculum, can take benefit from the workshop.

Dates: 1 – 3 May 2023

Venue: Lakeside, Pokhara


The EGU Education Committee will support travel costs, food, and accommodation during the three days of the workshop for limited participants.

Registration for the workshop is currently closed! 

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