Seismo-at-School in Nepal


The 2024 International Workshop for Teachers

The Seismology at School in Nepal has successfully organized the 4th International Workshop on Educational Seismology on April 6 – 8, 2024, in Lakeside, Pokhara, with the main theme of preparing for future earthquakes. The event was organized by SASIN with the support of University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and Nepal[…]

4th International Workshop on Educational Seismology

We are organizing the 4th  International Workshop on Educational Seismology as part of the ‘Seismology-at-School in Nepal’ program for earthquake education in Nepal. We have been organizing workshops for teachers since 2019 and teachers have been getting knowledge about the earthquake, its cause, its consequences, and their preparation. We would like to invite[…]

Postcard contest result announcement

On the 26th National Earthquake Safety Day, we organized a High School level POSTCARD ART CONTEST with the theme: Living with earthquakes in Nepal. We have received more than 30 postcards for the contest and we carefully evaluate them to select the best artworks. Thank you very much all for[…]

26th Earthquake Safety Day in Nepal

On the 26th National Earthquake Safety Day, we are organizing a High School level POSTCARD ART CONTEST. Interested high school students studying in Nepal ( up to 12 grades) are encouraged to participate. The deadline for the contest is set on Magh 5, 2080 at 5 pm Nepal Standard Time.[…]

Earthquake education policy in Nepal

Earthquakes in Nepal are among the most damaging natural hazards, claiming many lives and causing more widespread destruction than any other natural hazard. Yet, due to other difficulties and challenges, earthquakes are at the forefront of people’s attention only after major events, such as the 1934 or 2015 earthquakes. As[…]

Pokhara Workshop: a big success !

We have successfully organized the 3rd International Workshop on Educational Seismology on 1 – 3 May in Pokhara. The workshop is mainly supported by European Geosciences Union. There were 49 teacher participants in total, of which most teachers are mainly science, computer science, and social subject teachers, as well as school principals.[…]