Seismo-At-School in Nepal

Seismometers & software

Low-cost seismometers

  • QCN: The Quake-Catcher Network (QCN) seismometer is designed partly as an educational tool for the description of earthquakes and the discussion of earthquake science in the classroom. For more details look on the webpage.
  • Lego:
  • Slinky: The slinky based sensor is great for demonstrating principles and sensitive enough to detect P-waves from distant events or local sources, manufactured by the Mindsets in the UK.          
  • Raspberry Shake 1D:  It is a seismometer you can use in your home, office and/or classroom. It uses 1 vertical geophone as its sensor – a very sensitive yet rugged Earth motion microphone widely used in the oil and gas industry, to detect seismic vibration. For full technical details and specifications, see company webpage


  • jAmaSeis: Analysis and datalogging software.


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