Seismo-at-School in Nepal


There are many apps that can be used to follow earthquakes and seismic activity. Here we list a few of them.


“LastQuake is the official phone application of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (CSEM). Designed by seismologists, the LastQuake application is dedicated to alerting populations and gathering testimonies in real time. In only a few minutes, EMSC is thus able to estimate earthquake effects.”

Availability: GoogleStore (any platform), AppStore (iOS), and also as browser extension.


“EQInfo shows earthquake information world-wide. Information can be filtered by region, magnitude and agency. It provides system notifications and social media sharing options. EQInfo was conceived and implemented by the expert developers of SeisComP3,, a software platform used by most geophysical institutes in the world to automatically detect and locate earthquakes.”

Availability: GoogleStore (any platform).

Note: Seismo-at-School in Nepal declares to have no financial interest in the instruments and softwares described here.