Seismo-at-School in Nepal


This page lists FREELY downloadable material from and related to the project. Please note that many useful animations and short movies are Videos.

Application of seismometer installed in the school: a detailed description file

Recorded earthquakes files for classroom activities

Files from the 2019 Educational Seismology Workshop

The 2020 Educational Seismology Workshop files


The 3rd International Workshop on Educational Seismology 2023 files

Be Prepared flyer

Nepali flyer on good preparation and good reaction to earthquakes, click here.

Emergency Meeting Point sign, Nepali/English

Click on the picture for print-quality JPG file, or download PDF version.

Earthquake – Be Aware

A pictorial reminder about earthquakes, in English and Nepali. We distribute it as stickers to school children. Many thanks to Mathias Dessimoz for his artwork!

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