Seismo-at-School in Nepal

4th International Workshop on Educational Seismology

We are organizing the 4th  International Workshop on Educational Seismology as part of the ‘Seismology-at-School in Nepal’ program for earthquake education in Nepal.

We have been organizing workshops for teachers since 2019 and teachers have been getting knowledge about the earthquake, its cause, its consequences, and their preparation. We would like to invite teachers from Nepal keeping in priority for the schools where the Seismology at School in Nepal program is running. For the 4th International Workshop for teachers on Educational Seismology, we also aimed to invite teachers from far-western Nepal (including Bajhang, Bajura, Jajarkot, and Rukum districts), this will ultimately help to transfer earthquake-related knowledge to a broad group of people who are living at a very high level of earthquake risk.

Aims and scope

  • Living with the earthquake in Nepal: Sharing earthquake knowledge from international experts using presentation, audio, video, demonstration, and tools.

  • Transferring earthquake knowledge already trained teachers to the teachers who never had the opportunity to learn about the earthquake ( for example teachers from far-western Nepal).

  • Lessons learned and experience in different educational tools and ideas, challenges, and ways to move forward.

  • Earthquake Evacuation Procedure Guide and practicing the guide with teachers in the field.

  • SEISMO-BOX demonstration for learning earth ideas.

Target audience

  • High school teachers who understand the physics of earthquakes.

  • High school teachers from far-western Nepal who severely felt the moderate earthquakes in Bajhang and Jajarkot in 2023.

  • Governmental officers who are responsible for 1) developing earthquake-related courses in the official curriculum and 2) implementing building codes for new constructions.

  • Selected high school students.

Anticipated number of participants

We expect about 50 participants will be participating in the workshop as follows:

  • about 30 secondary-level school teachers from central Nepal where they host a seismometer for education purposes. 

  • about 10 secondary-level school teachers from far-western Nepal (Bajhang, Bajura, Jajarkot, Rukum districts).

  • about 5 representatives from the local authorities from far-western Nepal.

  • about 5 extra talented students from a school in far-western Nepal who can play a role as ‘earthquake education ambassadors’ in their school to transfer the knowledge to the whole students.

Registration for the workshop is open!

Click here for registration

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