Seismo-at-School in Nepal


ML 5.0 earthquake strikes in Central Nepal

An earthquake in Kaski district, Central Nepal, near the city of Pokhara occurred on Sunday at 15:00 UTC according to National Seismological Center (NSC), Kathmandu. It happened in the late evening at 20:45 local time. Following the analysis at NSC, the magnitude of this event is 5.0 in local scale[…]

National Earthquake Safety Day celebration

On Maagh 2, 1990 BS (January 15, 1934) a disastrous earthquake has hit Nepal. Its date was later selected to celebrate the National Earthquake Safety Day by the Government of Nepal. This year, Maagh 2 falls on January 16th, and we celebrate this event for the 22nd time. Our project[…]

Workshop starts in two weeks

The Educational Seismology Workshop in Pokhara starts in two weeks, on April 16th. Final organizational points are being sorted out. We look forward to the event and to see all participants!

FAQ Educational Seismology Workshop 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the workshop?

The purpose of the workshop is to train teachers in Nepal for earthquake and its mechanism in details and also for better preparedness.