Seismo-at-School in Nepal


Thirty seismometers in school

The total number of seismometer installed in schools under the framework of Seismology at school in Nepal program, reached 30 adding the newly installed 8 seismometers. Out of 30, twenty-two sensors were installed during the 2019 summer. The program has been running since 2018 to raise earthquake awareness and to[…]

Earthquake Awareness Song released

With the aim of reaching all age groups of people in Nepal to raise their earthquake awareness and to prepare them for future earthquakes, we have prepared an Earthquake Awareness Song. Program Director Prof. György Hetényi developed the idea and then the song was written and composed by Shiba Subedi,[…]

A crowdfunding campaign started

After very successful first phase of the program, seismology at school in Nepal, we have launched a fundraising campaign for the second phase of the program mainly to extend the network in the remaining part of the country. Our aim is to purchase further low-cost sensors to be installed in[…]

Impact of our program published

Another peer-reviewed article about impact of our program on earthquake awareness and preparedness has been published on 22 September in Geoscience Communication, an interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). The full-length article is available here.  The Seismology at School in Nepal program thanks to all participating schools for[…]

ML6.0 earthquake near Kathmandu

According to the National Seismological Centre in Kathmandu, an earthquake of local magnitude 6.0 was reported near Kathmandu, on Wednesday morning. The epicentre of the earthquake was ~50 km east of Kathmandu, Nepal at Sindhupalchok district. The earthquake struck at 5:19 local time. This tremor has recorded by the Nepal[…]

Lockdown reduces ambient seismic noise

The “lockdown” lowering the level of environmental ground vibrations has found wide attention already in the Spring in social media and on websites (here). The full scientific treatment with examples from around the world, including this project, is now published in Science. Project director Prof. Dr. György Hetényi and project leader[…]